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The Hang-On Riders History


….There use to be a dirtbike group on Oahu, Hawaii in 1968 called “The Sandwich Isle Riders.” That Hawaiian club had about 150 members and rode mostly in Kahuku in a motorcycle park on the north shore. The Sandwich Isles riders finally disbanded in the early 70’s and left Tony Ferreira and Rodney Aki to run the moto-cross park and collect the gate fees. Finally Tony and Rodney had enough and move to Mililani, by the new Kipapa Bridge and the new H-2 freeway being built. There they rode and had cook outs and other riders would come around and join them to eat their food. Then they moved to Mililani Cementary road by the fork in the road and continued their rides and cook outs and still other riders would come around and stop by and help eat their food, because Tony loved to cook and even cooked at the fire station for the rest of his fireman buddies. Even the old Japanese man, a cementary grounds keeper tried chasing them away, but with a few beers offer to him, he too soon join in on Tony’s and Rodney’s food & beer. Then one day a rider name Gerald Trip said, look at all these HANG ON RIDERS coming around here and joining in to help eat the food and to also share their food and drinks. The name stuck and the HANG ON RIDER’S  was born in the mid-70’s. The Hangonriders needed a new place again, because this gathering on the road to the cementary was causing a problem, with all the trucks, bikes and people on the cemetary road. So up the road, close to the H-2 freeway was an old abandon dead end dirt road used by the construction freeway workers and landscapers. I know because I was one of them landcapers and my water tank was there to water the landcape on the freeway. Tony Ferreira and David Perreira saw the perfect spot for a new Hang on riders campsite.So on a hot humit day David took off his shirt and pants and in his BVD’s and dirtbike boots on, started cutting away with a machete, the bushes, tall grass, and hale-koa trees, with Tony joining in. Soon more riders started joining in to help build this campsite up. John Akana, Gerald Trip, Bob Kutz, Brian Teruya, Mike Shims, Herbert Shiroma, Leroy Rapoza, Mark Johnasen, Clyde Pacheco, Steve Gilmour, Paul Aurely, Rick Hale, Dereald Nuez Sr., Dereald Nuez Jr., Randy Dacuycuy, Dean Bala, and the “OVER THE HILL GANG” Bobby & Donald Rodrigues, Kenneth Maglasan, Larry Holt and others over the years, help to build up the camp to it’s glory. The Hang on riders camp finally peaked in the 90’s with the new younger Hangonriders. The camp then had to be destroyed due to problems.Dust going over the H-2 freeway because a MX track was built there and cops involve to solve the problem, also asbestus roofing sheets on one of the building, who knows what else? The end of an era. Now it’s a legend that’s talked about. Awesome rides, fun parties and enjoy the pictures of that time period that will be posted by grandson  Hangonrider Drake the snake. As we remember those by-gone-days of Hawaii’s Hang on Riders.

HANGONRIDERS: I fail to mention, or rode, or hanged on with the Hangonriders in their history in Hawaii:

Carl Dees, Harold Trinies, Steve Trinies, Rodney Aki, Leonard Ontai, Domenico Grupido, Clifford Moniz, Clayton Perreira, Duane Johnasen, Russel Odegaard, Johnny Wilson, Pat Gouveia, Ernie Freitas,  Jack Ching, Teddy Casil, Peter Hepa, Duane Caringer, Frank Grubic, Grace Nagano, David Garcia, Steve Ansel, Jeffery Andrade, Dean Kaneshiro, (Big Bird)Chris Bolt, Chris Frost, Butch Ferreira, Jay Garrett, Jimmy Neves, Matthew Smith, Wayne Roden, Robert Phelan, Big Bob Phelan Jr., Mac McFarland, Derick Clary, Shaun Clarkin, Greg Williams, Tom Soenksen, Pablo Tabugadir, Leo Larew, Popolo Kieth Thomas, Big Bob Munson, (Rat)Mike Daniel, Mark Lavelle, Pineapple Jeffrey Vierra, Popolo Mike, Haole Mike(Gentry Labor), Pat Miller, Bobby Dow, Creature, Pam & Husband, Kuni & Gumby (dogs)

Information by Tony Ferreira what he can remember

Written by Dereald Nuez #5-0

If any of you old or new timers would like to add on to this. Please do and keep hanging on!


….The Washington Hangonriders started in 1991, when I (Dereald Nuez Sr.) moved here from Mililani, Hawaii and rode with my stepson Wildman David McCrea. I worked in construction at the Union Station in Tacoma, turned into a Fedral building and met Fox Island Keith Lerew. We talked about dirtbikes and I took him for a ride on one of my KDX 200, and went for a ride behind the dump in South Hill. That was the start of a long friendship untill now, almost 22 years now. Then Kieth’s son Jason lerew and Arizona’s Phil Brown came into the picture in 1998, and Kieth and his 13 yr. old son Jason and I entered the Desert 100 for their first time and my 2nd, my 1st  was in 1993 /w my neighbor Bob Franklin and the “Tacoma Ducks.” That same year joined the “Cascade Family Motorcycle Club” for a few years, helping to cut trails and put on The Black Bear Enduro. …… At the Desert 100 in 1999, Phil crashed on his knees too much and couldn’t take the chance of getting hurt anymore, being sole provider for his family. I won the Desert 100, 50 miles short course on his XR400 in 1999, coming in 1st over-all. He got hurt again there and had to go home, but let me use his bike, because Dereald Jr. broke his and I let him use my bike. It was the last time Phil rode and sold his bike. That same year Everett’s John Starkweather started riding with us and wasn’t into racing yet and came to the Desert 100 and joined us with his older brother Rainey.  Rainey had a birth defect but was one of the nicest guy you’ll ever meet. I remember him telling me to do well on the race and I said I’ll try my best for you, and ended up winning the whole short course and 1st in the Super Senior Class and coming home with a 4 foot trophy. I believe he was my inspiration. He passed away a few years later. That year too in 1999, Cle Elum’s George Sinclair, over 60 years old, retired ex-construction boss of mine, started riding dirtbikes and he entered the Desert 100. But before he rode that race, I gave him a quick training course behind my house, in the open empty 80 acres, cleared for houses. He stun everybody, encluding his family, by finishing the Desert 100. Then came back in 2001 and place 3rd in the 60 plus “Masters Class” and taking home a big trophy. Dereald Nuez Jr. would try to come up every year from Sacramento, California, since 1999, to race with his dad, and got a few trophies at the famous Desert 100 in Washington State. It has now become a annual tradition to do this with fathers and sons and friends, winning many trophies. In 2003 Hangonrider Wildman Dave McCrea bought his son Drake the snake a dirt bike, a suzuki 80, and started riding at 9 years old. He then got a TT-R 125 yamaha and now owns a KTM 250 F. He is the creater of this website. Much thanks to him.

….Now have new friends that have joined the Washington Hangonriders. The Ventura California Kid Drew Stephenson, Waipahu Hawaii Eddie Lilly & his brother Dean Lilly, Hawaii’s FH “The Bumbula”,  and Makakilo Hawaii Merlin Helgeson “Wild mongoose”. Also part Hawaiian from Yelm, Wa. Greg Bayless & his son Justin. Not to forget, that Hawaii’s Hangonrider Derick Cleary, has join the Washington Hangonrider’s and has lead the group on many trail rides. Also, in 2012 oldtimer Hangonrider from Hawaii, Mark LaVelle, living in Washtucna Wa. has reconnected with the Washington Hangonrider’s and bought a WR250R and a house in Belfair, Washington.  Hawaiian Randy Kaui, from Kauai, Hawaii , now living in Bellingham, Washington likes to ride, race and camp with the Hangonrider’s since 2012. From the AWC auto warehouse co., new riders are learning from 2012, Mortard DRZ400s Paul Harris, KTM250 Andrey Adespya, and CRF230 Cambo Sokhom Chaf the Rambo. From Federal Way brother-in-law CRF250 hapa popolo Eric Grimmet. From Yelm, Wa. CRF250R Greg Bayless and his son XR100 Justin.

….We are a group of friends that ride dirtbikes, not a club where you have to pay dues and put on events. We do have  green Hang On Rider jackets /w a dirtbiker flying his bike with a machete in his hand. The machete represents a warrior or a trail maker. You may see some of us at some event someday. Be prepared to do battle with us, and I really do carry a machete on my bike, and it’s a style that’s hard to break, for clearing trails or making new ones. It’s Hawaiian style brah!

….Come ride with us!  We are a fun group, that loves camping and have cook outs at the end of our rides.  Lots of pu-pu’s, grinds, and any kine ono stuff fo eat. Bring your best bench racing story….”The ALOHA SPIRIT,  lives on, in the Washington state!”………D.N.


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